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Kingsdown, Kansas Tornado on May 29, 2018

Large multivortex wedge tornado that occurred near Kingsdown, KS on May 29, 2018. Also in the video is the stovepipe tornado that occurred near Ensign, KS about 45 minutes earlier.

Keenesburg, Colorado Tornado June 19, 2018

Tornado near Keenesburg, Colorado on June 19, 2018 during Tour 4.
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Tropical Storm Gordon at Marco Island and Sanibel Causeway, Florida

Various scenes from Marco Island (and Sanibel Island) Florida on Sept 03, 2018 of Tropical Storm Gordon.

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Waterspouts Formed by Volcano

As lava flows into the ocean and produces steam, several “waterspouts” are formed. Technically, these are not waterspouts at all, since true waterspouts connect to cumuliform clouds; but the principle of rotation is similar, and so the terminology is often applied.