Mar 30

The Definitive Storm Chasing Bible

Posted by Brian Barnes under topic Articles, Storm Chasing

You probably came to because severe weather fascinates you and captures your imagination. There is a strong chance that you’re looking for information about chasing storms. If so, you’re in luck because we have it! But, there is one offline resource you should definitely read, the Storm Chasing Handbook by Tim Vasquez.

The Storm Chasing Handbook by Tim Vasquez has been an invaluable resource to thousands of storm chasers over the past 20-years. This book is of great value to seasoned storm chasers and newcomers alike. Newcomers will enjoy learning about severe weather forecasting. Seasoned chasers will enjoy the “Tornado Alley Travel Guide” section to discover good places to eat and things to do on severe clear days when there are no storms.

Storm chasing is a lot more than just “chasing storms”, for many it is a way of life. Just as people who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles consider it a lifestyle (it’s never “just a bike”), storm chasers live, eat and breathe storm chasing. And, this book will give anyone unfamiliar with storm chasing with a very good look at our world.

I think it’s important that people who are learning about storm chasing do more than just the obvious – such as learn how to forecast and intercept severe storms. It’s a culture, and its a lifestyle and it has a fascinating history!

Tim has done an amazing job of presenting that history in 322 pages. The book even has illustrations by David Hoadley, credited as the first storm chaser. Mr. Hoadley also was the founder of Storm Track magazine in the 1970s and helped popularize chasing.

What to know where the best steakhouses, BBQ pits, and Mexican food can be found in Tornado Alley? It’s all here!

Bottom line – you’ll love this book!

Whether it’s unfortunate, or fortunate – Tim can’t keep these things in stock! Every time he re-orders new copies, they sell out. You can get your copy by calling Weather Graphics at 1-800-840-6280, or by visiting the Weather Graphics website.

I’m sorry for sounding so much like a salesman, it doesn’t happen much. But, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true – every enthusiast of severe weather should own a copy of The Storm Chasing Handbook!

2019 Update

This article was originally written in 2009. Here we are 10-years later. If you can’t get a copy of this book, there is now a Kindle version on Amazon.