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2015 Storm Tour Schedule

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2015 Storm Chasing Tour Schedule
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Tour 1
Apr 24Apr 25May 1May 26$2450
Tour 2
Dryline Magic
May 2May 3May 9May 107$2750Reserve Now
Tour 3
Lecture Tour
May 10May 11May 17May 187$2750Reserve Now
Tour 4
Master Class Tour
May 19May 20May 29May 3010$3850Reserve Now
Tour 5
Photo Workshop Tour
May 30May 31Jun 5Jun 66$2625Reserve Now
Tour 6
Awesome Upslope Tour
Jun 6Jun 7Jun 12Jun 136$2600
Tour 7
High Plains Drifter
Jun 13Jun 14Jun 19Jun 206$2600

Are you ready to take on Tornado Alley and hunt down the world's most intense "super" storms, known as Supercells?  Are you ready to watch tornadoes form and plow their way across the Great Plains? Are you ready to travel with some of the world's greatest storm chasers and have a really great time making new like-minded friends?  Good! You're in the right place!

Join storm chaser Brian Barnes, owner of and his storm chasing tour company for an action packed holiday vacation adventure that you'll never forget!  Brian is one of the most experienced storm chasing veterans in Tornado Alley! He has been featured in numerous documentary projects such as Our World: Storm Chaser, produced by The BBC.  Brian is also a freelance videographer for The Weather Channel™, and other major news networks.  And with Brian and his team leading the way, you'll join the tradition of thousands of past customers in witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring storm structures, and even tornadoes that our atmosphere is capable of creating!

Brian is so well-known as a storm chaser when people see him they look as if they just saw the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.  They then know a violent storm is near. -Simon Hancock, BBC Producer

Storm Chasers photographing tornado

Why Should You Chase Storms with

You'll be traveling with highly experienced storm chasers who not only have a great understanding of our special discipline, but whom has also shared the experience of storm chasing with thousands of previous tour customers and have done so with a perfect safety record.

Do You Get Close to Tornadoes?

There are no two storms that are alike and there are no two situations while chasing storms that are alike.  Each day will be different from the previous day, and the next day.  Each interception will require carefully thought out interception strategies.  If the situation will allow, based on storm characteristics, road networks, road quality, and many other possibilities - we may get extremely close to tornadoes during your tour with us.

Brian Barnes is to extreme weather what Steve Irwin is to extreme animals - John Gibson, Fox News Network

Harper County, Kansas Tornado May 2004We are Weather Geeks!

We can admit it, we're weather geeks - there is no shame in it, in fact, we're quite proud of it!  But we've also got the sense of humor and teaching ability to make your tour an exciting one.

You don't want to be stuck in a vehicle with no knowledge of what is going on around you, do you? Not when you're chasing tornadoes!  

Each morning a member of our team, usually Brian himself, will provide our group with a morning weather briefing.  We'll explain the general synopsis of the weather pattern and the dynamics of the day, along with our plan of action.

We'll then make adjustments to this plan during the course of the day.  The atmosphere is fluid in nature, and is in a constant state of motion - so it's literally changing from second-to-second and we'll have to adapt our plan to it's ever changing state.

storm chasing tour companyWhen we get into our final mode of the day, we call it "Interception Mode", we'll explain our final interception strategy while we're on the move and provide you with a video display of our vehicle's on-board weather radar system - so you can see the radar and see the storms.  It's truly an amazing experience!

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is this - each yeardozens of photographers and video production companies choose to chasewith Brian and his team because they know and have full confidence inhim that he'll be able to lead them safely to the best storms inTornado Alley.  Photographers are very picking about which companiesthey choose to work with and is the team that mostchoose to go with, including many who have won awards for their workwhile traveling with us!

This year alone (2008) Brian has led hundreds of people to dozens of tornadoes - Jeff Mielcarz, The Weather Channel

Storm Chasing TechnologyProven Technology and Experience

Several our team members are more than "just" storm chasers, they also have professional careers in the meteorological technology fields, such as radar meteorology.

Our storm chasers use the latest in storm tracking technology to get proven results.  But technology alone is not enough to yield successful tornado interceptions.  

Our team members are skilled masters at mesoscale convective forecasting. What does this mean? It means that without the proper knowledge of successful forecasting, all the technology in the world won't help find the best storms capable of producing tornadoes.

storm chaser vacationsWe Have Happy Customers

What are our customers smiling about? Because we have the highest severe storm interception rate in the storm chasing tourism industry!  Not every tour has seen tornadoes, we admit, but at no fault of our own.  However, every tour has seen wicked severe weather including hail, lightning, and amazing structural displays that you can only find in Tornado Alley.

How do we know our customers are happy? Because they come back to chase with us year after year! In fact, some of our tours have the same groups of customers on them from the long-lasting friendships that have been made under the storm!

We've also had 3 surprise wedding engagements happen while storm chasing.  Now that is a way to remember your proposal!  We're very serious about what we do, but we also like to make your vacation an enjoyment and that is our pleasure.

Making Your Reservation


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Reservations are easily made online through our website at  While you're there take some time to read through the site, there is a lot of additional information about our storm chasers and our storm chasing tours!

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