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Storm chasing can be dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone without a sound knowledge of extreme weather and related hazards.  You can be seriously injured, or killed in the pursuit of severe storms such as supercells and tornadoes.   There are many potential dangers, including: hail, lightning, high wind speeds, flying debris, flying cows and down electrical lines.  Other potential hazards including idiots with a driver license and a car, hydroplaning, getting stuck in the mud and ran over by RFD, developing cancer due to being near a truck mounted Doppler radar, or just running into the truck mounted Doppler radar when it decides to stop and level in the middle of the Interstate. 

Seriously - storm chasing is not recommended for the inexperienced.   If you want to chase storms, you're responsible for educating yourself.  Get informed, read everything you can find about severe weather and the geography of Tornado Alley.  Contact your local National Weather Service and sign up for a SKYWARN storm spotter training class.  Learn everything you can about properly identifying storm structure.  Ask other storm chasers in your area if you can travel with them during a storm chase, or contact and reserve a storm chasing tour where you can learn about storm chasing, tornadoes and meet a lot of people with the same severe weather interest.

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