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2013 Storm Chasing Tours
October 01, 2012 1 Comment

For more than a decade my team and I have been leading tourist from around the world on incredible adventures in Tornado Alley chasing down the elusive supercell thunderstorm in search of tornadoes. Storm chasing isn’t always fast paced excitement as one might expect from watching a 30-minute docu-drama on a cable network, but when storms start to explode in the skies of the Great Plains, the chase and the excitement heat up – and we’re expecting plenty of action packed moments in 2013, just as there have been in all our previous seasons.

Photoshop and Storms – Hoax Photos
August 16, 2012 Leave a Comment

There are a few really good storm photos that continue to get recirculated on social networks as the “last big storm event”. One of the most dramatic is a Florida waterspout that was captured accidentally by amateur photographer Fred Smith from his back yard near Lake Okeechobee on June 15, 1993.

Large Tornado Poster Now Available
January 06, 2011 2 Comments

We received several request for this print to be made into a poster – so here it is. No text – just a large 20 x 30 in print of this incredible tornado event!

And Hell Followed With It by Bonar Menninger
October 30, 2010 2 Comments

I’ve read a lot of papers, blogs and books about tornado events and I’m giving this book an “A+,” it is simply the best piece of literally work I’ve read in regard to this specific tornado event and one of the best that I’ve read about any tornado event.

Tornado Mousepad
October 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

Brand new item in our StormChase.com Zazzle store – Campo Tornado and double rainbow on a mousepad. It looks great on your desk! They’re great for starting conversations as well.

Incredible HD Video from Campo Colorado Tornado
October 02, 2010 Leave a Comment

I uploaded some video of the Campo Colorado tornado event to our YouTube channel yesterday, enjoy. I do apologize for the language, but people do tend to get excited in the back of the storm chasing tour van. This was shot by a customer (Scott M) which I’m thankful for because since I’m in the front, and in this case driving, I missed a lot of it myself – so it’s great to be able to see the tornado from our customer’s perspective.